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In 1995 a Ne XTSTEP application called Fly Lab was converted into a web-based simulation called Virtual Fly Lab.Soon after its release in June 1995, it became a popular tool for genetics instructors worldwide, with over 665,000 students using Virtual Fly Lab to conduct over 5 million genetic crosses.

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This is followed by a description of the most recently developed Virtual Courseware activity that exhibits these design principles. has its beginning in 1988 when Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced his groundbreaking Ne XT computers for higher education.

The first product, Drosophila, provides high school students with a virtual lab bench where they can conduct experiments to learn the genetic principles of inheritance.

It also provides teachers with online tools for assessing their students.

Geology Labs On-Line contains the activities Virtual Earthquake, Virtual Dating, and Virtual River.

The second subproject, Virtual Courseware for Earth and Environmental Sciences consists of Earthquake and Global Warming.


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