Dating a man with emotional baggage

“But when I finally told John, I really felt the whole ‘weight lifted off my shoulders’ thing.

It was this huge piece of emotional baggage I’d been carrying around, keeping me from being close to other people, and it was finally out in the open with someone I trusted.” Lauren says that putting her emotional baggage out there made it easier for John to put his own baggage out there, too.

“This baggage therefore affects your worldview and how you interact with people.

It can have extremely negative consequences on your ability to connect with people.” Ryan also points out that emotional baggage doesn’t just come from your romantic relationships.

It’s one of those terms we hear all the time from friends, family and the media, but no one seems to actually be able to pinpoint what it is and what to do about it.

So, what is emotional baggage really, how can you stop it from hurting your future relationships and how can you pack your baggage up for good?

You’ll carry the weight of being afraid he’ll cheat on you, too.” Ryan also explains that these experiences multiply the older you get.

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“So if you had a boyfriend who cheated on you, it will probably affect how you interact with your next significant other.

“Basically every relationship you’ve had comes with some form of emotional baggage,” she says.

“But the most common problems that people mention are those associated with former significant others as well as parents and family members.” What type of emotional baggage are you carrying around?

Ryan explains that “types” of emotional baggage are extremely vague and vary in severity from person to person.

“An easy way to break down your emotional baggage is the baggage related to your romantic relationships (like a significant other or even just a fling) and your non-romantic relationships (like with family or friends).


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