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It actually didn't bug me until just recently, I honestly never paid attention to what was being shut down and just figured it was older sports games.

Even in that case you can make a strong argument that it's bullshit they shut them down completely, but I can at least see the other side of it.

Anything with the word DICE in the title was simply a rented server with the official name dropped in by the host.

Of the 17 EA public servers that I did find, eight were running Rush mode, while the remainder were hosting Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, or Squad Rush games.

But once they shut down Burnout Revenge & Game Night last month, that sealed it for me. Not tryin' to dictate what qualifies as "news" around here, but I'd really hope GB and other significant sites make sure people know about this - not as a BF3 story but a story about EA's practices in general.

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Bottom line is that this is not the experience we were promised when we bought the game, it's not the experience that we've been enjoying for the past six months, and it's absolutely ridiculous to change things like this and screw over everyone that just wants to keep playing the game with normal settings like they had been for half a damn about you never buy a EA game and hurt them where it matters.After mass effect 3 i doubt I'll will be buying any EA games.Companies like EA, Activision do this kind of shit because they know they can get away with don't need to per-order dead space 3, crysis3, black ops 2, medal of honor you have a problem with a company take a stand and stop cribbing about it on a forum.i did not buy syndicate because they didn't release a demo for the PC and the same will happen with ghost recon: FS for [email protected] Robot: @Space Insomniac: It's the same situation as the PC version, no official Dice servers.Some BF3 users now claim they are renting servers simply to recreate the kind of experience they were having previously on Battlefield 3, featuring regular length rounds and a balanced range of maps. They pull this just AFTER they had a sale on the first DLC, and now I have no way to play the maps that I paid for.


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