Impotent men dating

That necessity however was the result of some of my life choices along the way. I've never been a manly man since but I've always had 1 and 1/4 testicles (long story there) and so I've always had an appropriate level of testosterone floating around in my system.

Even so I was never happy being male and my appreciation for women has contained as much envy as...

Back in 2009 My lungs took an shower of Blood clots . For a long time I had that fantasy that some men here do, I too wanted to be de-balled.

Only to cause me pain and them becoming bigger then ever .

Debbie Cook I have had a fantasy of my ex wife dressing me in sexy clothes and heels,making me show off in front of her friends and lovers.

They make me preform with several men, finally taking my balls in front of everyone. For all I know, I may not actually want to be castrated, but I think I do.

My libido has been altered, I am permanently impotent, and Viagra... I do not care whether it is done chemically or by elastraion and rubber rings.

Since this is what I am going to do, I wonder if anyone may have a sexual fantasy about doing it to me. Don't hold your breath waiting on a doctor to castrate you.I guess the goal for those who deliberately have them removed is to have a sex change operation.However, those who lost them to an illness say that they... Today the elasticater I ordered should arrive by FEDX.It’s now December 2012 and this past January I underwent a double orchiectomy.This wasn’t anything I had asked for but had to be performed out of medical necessity.Can anyone tell me how to get cyprostat (androcur) or any other effective anti-androgen without a prescription? I even told my wife about it but she thought it was stupid and reminded me that we couldn't have children without the family jewels.


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