Nuvi 360 updating bluetooth firmware rocsi dating 2016

There is only one button on the unit, the power button on the upper right top of the unit.

All other controls are made through the touch screen.

The Garmin nuvi 360 brings GPS navigation with a lot of versatility for travelers.

Simiar in features to its predecessor the nuvi 350, the nuvi 360 (the European Version is known as the nuvi 310) adds the capability of bluetooth cell phone connection that with its built in microphone and speaker, allows for 'hands free' phone calls through the nuvi 360.

The nuvi has a built in "flip style" antenna and has the new Sirf made high sensitive GPS receiver.Included in the nuvi 360 package, is the nuvi 360, preloaded with Navteq mapping data for all of North America, (it is the latest version released, City Navigator 8) A/C charger for the internal battery, USB cable for transferring data, owner's manual and a leather carrying case.There is no CD or DVD of the mapping data included as it is already preloaded on the nuvi itself.The default is the 3-D 'bird's eye view." It is set for auto zoom, but you can use the and - symbols to zoom in/out to the perspective you want. Touching the map will automatically throw it into 2-D (flat screen) and allow you to pan the map around.Once you have selected a route and then used another feature such as the MP3 player, you must get back to the main menu and press "View Map" to bring the map screen back up.When you are navigating, a stop and detour field will show up on the screen on the bottom of the main menu. If you are stuck in traffic or hear of an incident ahead you want to avoid, press the detour key and the nuvi will automatically re-calcuate a new route for you, taking you off your current route at the next available option. These are accessible from the main menu by pressing the wrench icon.


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