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It might help relieve the stress for men that wish to date you, that way they dont go WHOLY CRAP she wants me to meet her kids ;) Either way good luck finding what you want.Hi Vixn, Q: Do men really mind dating women with children?? However, for marriage, it's a trade off--a hot single mom with better looks vs. Can you even name one reason that a guy would marry you if he could marry your single twin that does not have children?A: I cannot speak for all men but personally I think it is a great package -don't mind whatsoever! I'm sure you can think of a number of reasons why he would not.Children aren't a deal breaker for me, nor for many of the guys I know, at least for dating.Being a good mother wins points in my books any day.Thus, it makes me nervous because I cannot just enjoy the relationship without also obsessing around if I'm ready to be part of a family.


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