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Other ventures to expand the brand have included a short-lived North American remake, which aired on MTV in 2011 but was cancelled after one season after advertisers abandoned the series in response to low ratings and the significant controversy which arose over its depiction of teen sexuality.Tony Stonem (Nicholas Hoult) is an attractive, intelligent and popular boy.Outwardly, Michelle appears shallow, vain and conceited, but she works hard, has a strong interest in French and Spanish, and is very emotionally mature.She is friends with Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray), an eccentric girl who suffers from an eating disorder.Did you see the story that did the rounds about Ross from Friends coming up with the premise for ‘San Junipero’ in an old episode of the show? ” Apparently is one of the most binge-raced series on Netflix, which means people bash through it really quickly. Growing up I watched The Twilight Zone, and people would say, ‘Oh, that’s a bit Twilight Zone’.“I don’t think the notion of consciousnesses being uploaded to a computer came from Ross from Friends – I’d certainly heard that concept before. So, if you come up with something that has that kind of resonance with people, that’s a good thing.” ’s success?

The episodes are named after the featured character.

has been on the cards and in the BBC schedules all year, but Brooker has had to pull out of it after realising he is just way behind with the programme (which is fair enough, Brooker having only just wrapped up six glossy new episodes of The good news (or bad news depending on POV) is we’ve just delivered CUNK ON BRITAIN (a 5-part history of our glorious nation starring Philomena) to the BBC, and that will be on *soon*.

[2/3] — Charlie Brooker (@charltonbrooker) November 27, 2017 spin-off with talking head Philomena Cunk is a silver lining, then, and let's hope the "more good news soon" is a Barry Shitpeas vehicle.

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