Adult babies chat line

🎋 This year I have a strap on Yule log and seasonal slave games that are a real nutcracker and Traditional Tease!🎋 For those who prefer a silent sub night then my ball gag can come out of the Playroom.🎋 You'll find Santa's lap is not the only place where wishes cum true!Sometimes it relates to things when the client was young and it takes them back to childhood.The website also says that for Maxine and Daddy: 'Looking after babies is the one thing we enjoy doing most, be it feeding hungry mouths or reading a bedtime story to send our little ones off to sleep.🎋 Maybe you would like to decorate my Tinsel Tits, they are artificial just like the tree!🎋 Or perhaps you want to please Mistress and be my Sissy Fairy on top?

Or, would you like to nominate Your Partner or Wife, your Daughter, your Sister or your Best Friend, or Someone Special for a much needed Makeover ?I adore the thrill of Phonechat whether it is Tease and Please or Wild and Extreme!You will definitely know if you push the right buttons with me!🎋 Please put me on your favourites list and I promise you something extra special in your stocking!🎋 Be warned, I may sleigh you with my sense of humour, but look forward to our Lapland laughter!The following rules apply to #diaperchat and do not necessarily apply to the other channels on the network.


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