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You may know yourself and your priorities better and feel that you have more to offer in a relationship. You may worry that having had cancer will make it more difficult to find people to date, and how your date will react.

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Some people prefer to wait until they trust the person.If you’re single, you may have chosen to focus on getting through cancer treatment, and not on starting a new relationship.Now that you have finished treatment, you might feel ready to start dating again. You may find that going through cancer treatment has made you feel stronger and wiser.You may want to take time for yourself to heal and recuperate after treatment.If you are struggling to manage side effects such as fatigue or nausea, visit Nutrition Tips for Managing Side Effects. Do not feel pressured to date if you are not interested or not feeling up to it.Often this reflects the person’s fear about cancer, rather than something about you. Even though we are high school students, we were able to raise so much money for the Canadian Cancer Society.


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