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While clearing it, they encountered about 100 Baluba tribesmen armed with bows, poison-tipped arrows, spears and clubs, as well as some guns. It was only later discovered that he had survived for two days before being killed in a separate attack. The wording of the citation implied that Browne had died trying to protect the wounded Kenny, by moving into the open and drawing fire on himself, letting an opportunity to escape pass. The effect of the Niemba ambush on Irish society’s perception of the army was massive.While the Irish troops had arrived to protect the Balubas, the tribesmen undoubtedly took them for Katangan mercenaries. The attack punctured the swelling pride that was emboldening the nation.Irish troops were sent to the area to secure it and encourage local people to return. The bodies of the Irish dead were flown to Casement Aerodrome in Baldonnel, where they lay in state. Kevin Gleeson's coffin was placed on a gun carriage, while those of the rest were placed on army trucks.A search of the area identified a damaged bridge, which a patrol was sent to, with a mission to effect repairs if possible. Following a funeral procession through Dublin, they were buried at Glasnevin Cemetery.The area around the railway station at Niemba suffered several raids by both Baluba and local Pygmy tribes.On 4 October, several villages were attacked by Katangan police and European mercenaries and many Baluba were massacred.

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She now has a new boyfriend, 25-year-old Nick Burrello from Glen Ellyn, Illinois. request=get-document&issn=1523-0430&volume=035&issue=02&page=0129 September 25, 2003. when an Irish Army platoon in the Congo was ambushed and all of its men killed or forced to flee by Baluba tribesmen, the first time the Irish Army was embroiled in battle against a foreign nation's army since the Irish War of Independence.The Republic of Ireland had deployed troops as United Nations Operation in the Congo (ONUC) peacekeepers.The notoriety of the attack, and the allegations of mutilation and cannibalism that circulated in the Irish popular press in its aftermath, led to the word 'baluba' (sometimes spelled 'balooba') becoming a synonym for any 'untrustworthy and barbaric' individual in certain parts of Ireland.A separatist movement was fueled by mining companies who sought to continue their control of the resources in the region, as well as by local and tribal grievances.


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