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The president’s communications director cited “grave national security risks” as a justification, even though Obama had made an exception for national security.

Then on Easter, Trump lashed out at the tens of thousands of protesters who marched in dozens of cities on Saturday to demand that he release his tax returns.

In Sunday’s Post, Darryl Fears reported on two examples of lawmakers being rebuffed by the Trump administration: Rep.

Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) could not get information out of the U. Fish and Wildlife Service about the Endangered Species Act.

In fact, the administration has gone to great lengths to conceal pertinent information from the American people.

Polls consistently showed that most voters wanted to see what was in the returns, and Trump promised he’d share them eventually.

“Many of the protests featured an inflatable chicken, a mascot of sorts for the march, in a bid to mock Trump’s unwillingness to share his returns.” -- It’s not just the taxes and visitor logs, though.

There are numerous examples of Trump and his team withholding pertinent information from the public since January: -- Foxes in the hen house: Secret waivers allow lobbyists to advance their former clients’ interests from high perches inside the government without anyone on the outside ever knowing.

Trump joined this chorus: -- Back then, as he embraced the birther conspiracy theory to lay the groundwork for a presidential run, the businessman was an often outspoken advocate of transparency.

Here are five more examples of him promoting the principle of disclosure, from Twitter alone: Top White House aides also echoed these talking points.


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