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I can send pictures and see when they are typing—i Message style.I felt that users here wanted to chat more before meeting up and I didn’t get any inappropriate messages.It’s less overwhelming, I didn’t waste hours endlessly swiping, and it is a better fit for my busy schedule.The guys I chatted with and met had—at least on paper—the qualities I am searching for.I also felt—and this was confirmed by other users I talked to—that there were super nice looking, eligible bachelors for the first 25 profiles/few days, and it seemed to taper off quickly.We also found that we rarely matched with these men. Then you will be shown your compatibility rating as you browse profiles. CONS: I had so many people I wouldn’t have matched in any other app messaging me with “hey girl/sexy/beautiful/gorgeous” and messages riddled with spelling and grammar errors.PROS: There are a lot more nice-looking, educated, have-their-sh*t-together men on Bumble than Tinder (percentage-wise).People here seemed more thoughtful in their picture choices (less pictures of just landscape and shirtless selfies).

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TINDER | Dating, relationships, and everything in between; fast-paced Tinder allows you to only send and receive messages from people you’ve mutually swiped ‘yes’ to.

It’s possible to unlock more matches if you acquire “beans” by inviting friends to use the app or paying money. PROS: If you’re looking for a professional and educated guy, 96% of users have a Bachelor’s degree and over 33% have a Master’s degree.

The men here are looking for dates and/or relationships rather than hookups.

It’s 12 days until Valentine’s Day and if you’re on the hunt, there’s definitely still time to find someone to spend it with! What happened to developing a crush, investment, and meet-cutes?

For Seattleites who have a busy schedule, recently moved to the city, or just don’t meet new people in their everyday lives, dating can be tricky. I guess it’s the way of the future and I need to come to terms with that.


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