Young adult chatroulette

Once you're plugged in, the site immediately starts searching for a 'partner' and within seconds you find yourself jettisoned into a stranger's bedroom, living room, or, all too often, trousers.

In fact, it's so disturbingly easy that even primary school children, with basic computer skills, could access it.Late on a weekday afternoon and I'm sitting at my computer. Our exchange has lasted barely seconds, but suddenly another message pops up.On the screen in front of me are two small boxes - little video streams - one above the other. The face and bare torso of a man is in the one on top. Beside Gerry's face is a box into which we can type, so that we can chat to one another. He's asking me if I will remove my top so he can see my breasts.To this I asked ‘What would your mother say if she knew you were on here? Deciding that chat roulette was not for me, I turned to a similar site to look for a conversation with a more mature man.Despite the warning the web address, ‘’, should have given me that chatting wasn’t really on the cards, I created my profile and sat eagerly awaiting a titillating conversation with some charming chappy.He is a complete stranger, and one of the many crude and deviant men I have encountered in the past 30 minutes.


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    – I can not go, Sarah, – he said, raising his hand and showing his trembling fingers.

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