Libra woman dating a leo man

Just make sure you want the box when all is said and done.Degree of Romance: Romance is so good between the two of them that it can go a long way toward masking other difficulties.

It would help if you had a joint-venture to offer, such as starting a business interest together.As shown by the compatibility horoscope, a union of two brilliant individuals - Libra man and Leo woman - could become strong, thanks to the great similarity of their characters.These zodiac signs under the protection of Air and Fire can inflate a hot fire of arguments, talking about virtually any topic.Libra man meticulously adduces arguments for and against, carefully analyzing the subject of argument, and then takes one view.Both Libra man and Leo woman have energy, increased sense of fairness, and honesty.(Libra is the consummate score-keeper.) Degree of Passion: The Leo man is likely to feel very passionate toward the Libra woman.


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