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Try and agree ground rules for the future, not focus on punishment.

The longer she is away the harder it is to come home. Hello Nadine, You would think that her friends Mum would have sent your daughter packing by now.

about a week ago my 15yr old daughter was told she wasn't allowed to sleep at her friends house as she'd previously been in trouble and the trust was broken (I wasn't sure she was actually going to sleep at this friends house)but that night after several texts pleading with me for her to stay and me rreplying no i got one saying "well she was staying out anyway" her home time of half 9 came and went and her mobile was switched off.

by 11 she still hadn't come home and her phone was still switched off.

She is now staying at a friends house and has been for a week, she refuses to come home unless we guarantee her she's not grounded and she gets to sleep at her friends house a couple of nights a week.

I dont know what to do - if i let her back without any form of punishment then surly she'll do this everytime just to get out of punishment.

I have to be carefull what message I'm giving her as I also have a 13yr old daughter. I'm seriously thinking about ringing social services as a last resort.

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[smilie=013.gif]She also said that if she does need to be punished I can take her laptop off her.

What good is that when she can access everything through her phone.

The girl whos house I thought she was staying at rang one of the boys and asked if she could speak to my daughter she then passed the phone to me and I asked her where she was, why she didnt come home etc... (at least by now I knew she was sfe and well) Anyway she strolles home around 4pm as if nothing had happened and refused to listen that she would be grounded.

We tried to tell her that while she lives under our roof she abides by our rules, fine she said and ran off.


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