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The circle slowly disappears as the 24-hour timeframe elapses, letting you know how much time you have left to view it.You'll only see content from people you're connected to on the app. This is a publishing platform, just like Facebook — except there are no likes or shares and your stuff disappears. The circle with the number at top right shows you how much time is left in the story.

Tap it and Snapchat will add the photo or video you are looking at to your story.

But in today's culture, with so much helicopter parenting, it's safe to assume that both men and women can exhibit these behaviors.

Little Prince (or Princess) Syndrome is related to, but not identical to, Emperor Syndrome, a term is primarily used to describe Chinese boys with no siblings who behave like little tyrants.

Otherwise there is: A timer: Choose how long you want your photo to last.

A download button: Download the photo or video you've taken.


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    It's filled with a ton of media — mostly video — broken out into three categories: 1) Discover (from media companies), 2) Live (curated by Snapchat) and 3) Recent Updates (mostly from your friends, but also from brands should you choose to add them).

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