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Once you understand the consequences of parental influence and behavior, you can emphasize or compensate for them.

Consider the following examples:  If you felt your parents never had time for you, you’re probably self-reliant but find it difficult to trust and are a bit brittle on the outside.

Without these restrictions, you can look well below the H2O level.

One of the quickest ways to make sure that what you’re advertising for and what you want are the same is to write a personal ad that is just for fun and practice and that will, most likely, never see the light of day.

Even if this is your very first dating experience, you’ve talked to the opposite sex, fantasized, and interacted.

In this section, you look at those patterns (this is also good information to put in your dating notebook): Who you choose: Are you drawn to blondes, bullies, actors, athletes, people who hold you too tight, or people who seem to disappear? What makes you blow up — what words or phrases or situations?

Are you really a good listener, or are your jokes terrific? On Dad’s page, you might write, “Rarely home, drinks too much, loves fishing, gives good hugs.” It’s a good idea to leave lots of space so you can let your mind roam. Now go to a new set of pages, again one each for Mom and Dad, and try to organize your thoughts into positive and negative.

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Of course, if you want to do that, it’s fine with me.What you most want is someone to hug you and tell you that you’re great. If your parents were really lovey-dovey with each other, you may have felt envious and excluded.As a result, you may look for a date who ignores everybody and everything but you. If one or other of your parents doted on you — and I mean really doted — you may feel an overwhelming need to perform or be perfect.Timing is crucial in many things in life, and dating is certainly no exception. As is true of much in life, not only can understanding the wrong time give you insight into what to avoid and the warning signs, but it can also help you tell when the right time is just about to arrive so that you can be ready.


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