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The 10-year registration period will start upon conviction for those offenders sentenced to probation.

Those offenders sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections, another state's department of corrections, or federal corrections must register for 10 years from final parole, discharge, or release. The offender must re-register within 1 year of the date of their last registration and every year thereafter.

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If the offender resides in an unincorporated area, he or she will register with the county sheriff's office.

Yes, there is an initial registration fee of 0 to be paid the very first time a registrant registers under this Act and an annual registration fee of 0 to be paid once each year.

Any changes in an offender’s registration must be made within three days with the law enforcement agency who has jurisdiction.

An offender who is convicted of a violation of the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act on or after July 1, 2005 is required to register every 90 days for the duration of their registration.


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